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Bill Hoskyns Open - Format

The Bill Hoskyns is run on a system of two rounds of pools and elimination with repachage.

This event is run to provide an opportunity to better prepare Cadets by allowing them to experience the repachage system used in many European countries before they encounter it whilst representing Great Britain on international trips.

First round cut

We will cut to between 90 and 96 at the end of the first round of pools.

96 is the maximum we can have in the second round if we are cutting to 64.

Second round cut

We will cut to 64 at the end of the second round of pools. This cut will be determined on results in the second round.

When eliminating we should be judging fencers on as level a playing field as possible. Cutting based only on the second round results avoids the affect of different sized pools and allows for the situation that occurred in 2007 where the number 1 seed at the end of the first round (Will Hall) entered the competition as a 999 (un seeded) because he had been unable to attend opens during the previous 18 months due to university work. The rest of the people in his first round pool had a harder than average pool as the rabbit of the pool turned out to be the number 1 seed.

Seeding for elimination

Seeding for the elimination stage is based on results from both rounds.

When seeding we should be judging fencers performance against all opposition.

Seeding most accurately reflects a fencerís performance on the day when it uses the maximum information available.

Elimination with repachage from 64 to 8.

Elimination from 64 will be done using the French system of repachage. You have to lose at least 2 elimination fights before you are out.

This system allows fencers to progress despite a problem with a particular opponent. It provides more fencing whilst rewarding fencers with straight victories with a shorter route to the last 8.

Direct Elimination from 8 onward

The final part of this event is a conventional direct elimination.

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